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narayani amma
narayani amma
narayani amma
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Annual Events

Everyday is special at the Sri Narayani Peedam. There are pujas being performed by Sri Narayani Amma everyday. There is the Anna Dhanam (Food Donation) program, which is also done on a daily basis. The Sri Narayani Peedam organizes and conducts several events all for the benefit of mankind. Some events have fixed dates and some fixed months but the dates vary according to the Panchagam (Tamil Calendar), which gives dates according to the solar position.

Here is a list of some of the events:

January 1st
January 3rd
May 8th

Full Moon (Dates)


New Years Day - Being at Peedam and receiving the blessings of the Divine Mother on January 1st is a wonderful spiritual way to start the New Year. All day long devotees throng the Narayani Temple and the Sripuram Golden Temples to attend the Pujas and to have Amma's Dharshan, Theertam and Prasadam.

New Year Celebrations

Overseas devotees sing bhajans


Amma's Jayanthi (Birthday) - The day begins with a procession followed by a holy bath for Amma. After this Amma performs all the regular pujas. Special pujas and yagnas are also performed by the temple Priests on January 2nd and 3rd. At midday, on January 3rd, the celebrations are held in the Yagashala (Full Moon Hall) located behind the Shanti Mandapam. Priests from different temples come to Peedam to give their offerings and receive Amma's blessings. Devotees from all over the world come to Peedam around this time to join in the celebrations and receive Amma's blessings.

Beloved Amma Jayanthi (Birthday) Celebrations

Flowers and Garlands showered on Beloved Amma

Devotees in the Procession


Saraswathi Yagam - This yagam is in praise of Goddess Saraswathi, the Goddess of Knowledge. Amma has this yagam conducted for Grade 10 and Grade 12 students. After the yagam they receive blessings and pens from Amma to perform well in their exams. Amma gives a constant reminder to the students that they have to do their part by studying hard and putting in a lot of effort.

Beloved Amma with Guests & Students at the Yagam

Each student receives a pen and the divine blessings of Amma


Social or Donation Programs - Any one of the social programs is held like the Mathru Ganga (water distribution project), Punarjanma (new lease of life) or Kalyani (mass marriages).

Dr. M. Gaynor from New York turns on the water

Housewife receives a sewing machine from Beloved Amma

Beloved Amma with newly wed couples and guests

Priest performs the Wedding Ceremony for all the couples


Tamil New Year - At this time, Peedam is again crowded with devotees all day long who come to receive Amma’s blessings.

Devotees come for Amma's Blessings

MAY 8th

Narayani Proclamation Day - On May 8th 1992, Amma declared to the world the purpose of Amma’s descent and mission. This day is celebrated every year at the Peedam.

Sri Sakthi Amma Performs Puja

Sri Sakthi Amma leads the procession


Educational Awards - Under the Vidya Nethram project, 10th grade achievers receive a bicycle and 12th grade achievers receive scholarships for furthering their education.

Student receives a Bicycle

Bicycles for Students


Social or Donation Programs - One of the social programs is held like Arogya (Basic Health Program) where physically challenged people are provided with tricycles, hearing aids, caliphers, artificial limbs and many such items. There is also the Gift of Life (Heart Surgery) Program where hundreds of children with life threatening heart problems are given financial assistance to receive the life-saving treatment.

A child receives an artificial limb

A differently abled gentleman receives a tricycle

A baby receives financial aid for heart surgery


Varalakshmi Puja - Varalakshmi is one of the eight forms of Mother Lakshmi. Performing the Varalakshmi puja is said to be equivalent to worshipping all the different forms of Lakshmi. This form is the one that grants boons (wishes). She is invited into the home and honoured for all the different types of blessings such as money, food, good health, property and virtuous children. This is also an important and auspicious day for all married women who perform this puja for their husbands. They pray for a long life filled with health and happiness for their husbands. On this day, special pujas are held at the Sri Narayani Temple.

Amma Performs Puja

August 24th - Sripuram Anniversary Celebrations - Hundreds of thousands of visitors from India and all around the world have visited the Sripuram Golden Temple since its opening on August 24th, 2007. The anniversary of the Sripuram is celebrated with pomp and grandeur and a truly amazing event to witness. Please visit for more details.

Sripuram - Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple


Navarathri Festival - This is a festival where a battle took place between Good and Evil for nine days and nights ("Nava" means 9 and "rathiri" means nights) and on the tenth day Good emerged the winner. (The 10th day is called Vijaya Dasami, "Vijaya" means victory and "Dasami" means 10). Starting of new jobs, businesses, or joining some course or fine art, all take place on this day with a hope that we emerge successfully in all that we undertake.

Cultural programs are held at all temples to celebrate the victory of Good over Evil and for all to offer their gratitude. At Sri Narayani Temple, cultural performances are held and artistes from all over India come to perform. Every year different artistes are given an opportunity to perform for Amma and receive Amma's blessings.

Goddess Durga

Beloved Amma in front of the Navarathri Kolu



Deepavali - The festival of lights is celebrated with great joy at Peedam and Amma lights the 10,000 lamps and performs special puja to dispel darkness and bring light into people’s lives.

Young devotee lights a Lamp

Lamps Lit in the form of the Sri Chakra


Home Coming – This is the time of the year that most overseas devotees make travel arrangements to be at Peedam and bask in the unconditional love and warmth of Amma. They, together with devotees from India take part in all the social programs leading up to the Birthday celebrations of our Beloved Amma.

Beloved Amma speaks to Overseas Devotees

NEW MOON (Kalasa Puja)

Every month there is also the New Moon Kalasa puja. The dates for the new moon Kalasa pujas for this year 2019 are:

January 05th, February 04th, March 06th, March 30th, April 04th, May 04th, June 02nd, July 02nd, July 31st, August 29th, ' September 28th, October 27th, November 26th and December 25th.

FULL MOON (Pournami)

Besides these events that have been mentioned, every month Amma performs the Full Moon puja. The dates for the full moon pujas for this year are:

Sri Sakthi Amma does Aarathi

Devotees witness the Full Moon Puja

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