Gho Matha

narayani amma

Gho Puja – Gho Puja is done to honour the Mother of the Universe. The cow represents a symbol of all Gods unified in one form. All of the following Gods reside in the cow: In the tips of the horns is the Ganges and all other holy rivers, in the base of the horns is Bramaha & Vishnu, in the fore head is Shiva, in the middle of the forehead is Goddess Uma.

In the nose is Ganapathi, in the tip of the nose is Muruga, in the inner nose is Nagesa (Lord of the Snakes), in the ears is Ashwini Devas (celestial beings who bestow good health), in the right eye is Lord Surya (Sun God), in the left eye is Lord Chandra (Moon God), in the teeth - Lord Vayu (God of wind), in the moo sound is Goddess Saraswati, in the tongue - Lord Varuna (Rain God), in the heart - Lord Yama (God of death).

In the hump is Yakshas (angels or divine beings), in the lips are the Gods of dawn and dusk, in the neck is Lord Indra, in the chest are the Saatriya (learned men), in the skin hanging from the neck is Aruka (Rakshas), in the tip of the tail are the Naaga Loka (serpent world), in the middle of the tail are the Gandharvas, at the base of the tail are the Devas.

In the cow dung is the Holy River Jamuna, in the hair of the cow are the Rishis & Munis, circulating in the body are the Navagrahas (nine planets), in the blood is Boomi Devi (Goddess of Earth), in the joints are Vasus (a class of celestials including Lord Agni - the God of fire), in the hind parts of the cow is Goddess Lakshmi, in the tips of the udder is Samudra Raj (Lord of the Oceans), in the udder - amirth (celestial nectar).

In the bones are Yajnas (Havaans), in the urine is the River Ganges, in the upper knees is Bhairava, in the knees are the Heavenly physicians, in the front part of the legs below the knees are Mounts Kailash & Vindiya, in the back part of the legs below the knees are other mountains, in the hair of the tip of the tail is sun light, in the hooves are all sacred mountains and in the form of the cow are the eight celestials ruling the regions of the eight directions.