Amma’s 31st Jayanthi

Amma’s 31st Jayanthi Celebrations

On January 3rd, 2007, was the 31st birthday our Beloved Sri Narayani Amma. This day was celebrated with love, reverence and devotion. On the morning of the birthday, Amma did all the regular pujas. There were special pujas and yagnas also performed by the temple Priests.

At around midday, the crowds gathered in the Yaga Sala (Full Moon Yagam Hall) of the Sri Narayani Peedam anxiously waiting for Amma to appear to start the celebrations. Finally Amma appeared walked gracefully up on the stage, took a seat while everything was made ready for the Pada Puja. The Pada Puja was performed by a family from New York, USA.
After the Pada Puja, Amma was garlanded and crowned by the foreign devotees. Following this was the Malar Abhishekam (flower abhishekam). Sri Nandagopal and Smt Jothiamma were the first to perform the flower abhishekam, followed by the Priests.
Devotees by the thousands offered garlands, silk shawls and various other gifts to Amma. An Australian devotee and an Indian devotee addressed the gathering that day followed by an enchanting discourse by our Beloved Amma.
Priests from different temples came to the Peedam to give their offerings and receive Amma's blessings. Thousands of devotees from the surrounding villages and all over the world came to the Peedam to join in the celebrations.
A delicious hot meal was served to all the devotees who thronged to see Amma and receive blessings.

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