Amma’s Miracle Toronto – Maulika (Bala)

Amma's Miracle Toronto - Maulika (Bala)

Here is the narration by Shubatha Devamanoharan of Sri Sakthi Amma's divine miracle which took place in Toronto Canada at Amma's Temple.

"On October 8, 2011 11:30am I had come home from class and my Mom had informed me that the Scarborough Youth Groups Lead Bhajan Singer Maulika (Bala) Nithi had been taken to the emergency due to numbness in her entire left side.

Shanthini Amma Maulika's mother, was supposed to take Food to Amma's Scarborough temple, in Toronto Canada, as prasad for Amma. Due to the sudden emergency she was unable to and asked my mother, Kala Amma, to take food instead.

At around 1:00pm we were in the temple with Ann Amma, offering Amma some prasad and praying for Maulika's speedy recovery. My mother later got a lime and with much hope she took the lime and rubbed it down Amma's picture. Since Maulika was numb on the left side my mother ran the lime down Ammas left side. This was the temple picture of Sri Sakthi Amma and Goddesd Narayani. As she was doing this she noticed that in the picture Amma's left arm began to swell up and turn red. She asked me to immediately take a picture of it, and I did. As you can see Ammas Left arm in both pictures are beginning to swell and turn red.

Kala Amma rubbing the lime on Beloved Amma's photo

Kala Amma rubbing the lime on Beloved Amma's photo

Later we heard that Maulika's condition was much more serious then we thought and we called for bhajans the same night. Around 5:30 Shanthini Amma had informed my mother that Maulika has started to move her arm and has gained back some reflexes.

Around the same time when I went to take Urmila Amma to the temple to set up for the bhajans, the swelling in Ammas arm had gone down, but in the picture Amma's eyes were a faded shade of pink and puffy, and from a distance looked teary, as if Amma was crying for Amma's child.

Kala Amma rubbing the lime on Beloved Amma's photo

Closer look at Beloved Amma's swollen arm

By the time Bhajans had begun at 7:00pm that night the swelling in Amma's arm had gone down in the picture. By 800pm that same night we had received a phone call. Maulika was on the phone listening to us singing, and at the end she was speaking to us and thanking us all for our prayers".

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