Bhadrakali Moola Mantra Maha Yagam

Sri Sakthi Amma’s

Bhadrakali Moola Mantra

Maha Yagam

Online : 48 days

24 July – 9 Sept 2020


Through the grace and blessings of Sri Sakthi AMMA we are delighted to announce the Bhadrakali Moola Mantra Maha Yagam, for the removal of negativity and negative forces around the world. In this time of prevailing negativity, which has taken the form of COVID, the resulting fear arising from this, and other forms of negativity such as anger, lust and greed; our Divine Mother, Sri
Sakthi AMMA NARAYANI, will bless the world by performing a most powerful yagam, for 48 days, to remove and destroy this negativity.

About ‘Bhadrakali Moola Mantra Maha Yagam’ This powerful yagam invokes Narayani, primarily in the form of Bhadrakali, and many of the other Sakthis (aspect of Narayani) to remove and destroy negativity and bring auspicious blessings. ‘Bhadra’ means auspicious, ‘Kali’ means She who is everywhere. Kali is the darkness that represents the vastness greater than space itself. As such, this aspect of Narayani is fitting to powerfully remove all of the prevailing negativity in this world and beyond.

This mantra was also chanted by revered Siddha Sage, Lord Agastya, when the world was also in need of the Devi’s protection, many thousands of years ago. This mantra is so powerful it contains 36 beejaksharam (seed syllables), thus directly invoking many forms and forces of the Devi. It is said that a human cannot chant this mantra because the physical body will be unable to withstand the Divine energy and heat generated by so many powerful beejaksharam.

A blessed opportunity to sponsor

Through Her supreme compassion and sovereignty, Beloved Sri Sakthi AMMA will perform the Bhadrakali Moola Mantra Maha Yagam for the world. AMMA has also blessed Her devotees with the opportunity to sponsor and participate in (by watching on zoom) this most sacred and auspicious yagam.

When one sponsors a yagam, the good karma generated though the yagam is also shared with the sponsors, those who helped with a financial contribution towards the yagam. The specialty of sponsoring a yagam, is that the yagam benefits the universe, and we could never generate this good karma on our own.

If you have been praying for help and change in these challenging times for yourself and the world, then these prayers can be empowered with this Maha Yagam, which will bring transformation and upliftment for all. What a blessing to be invited to have this opportunity to sponsor this auspicious event! JAI MAA!

The power of Sri Sakthi AMMA chanting

When we chant mantras it creates Divine energy within us, the vibration generated by chanting will strengthen our soul. When our soul is strengthened, we begin to feel the Divine character such as peace, purity, wisdom, joy and unconditional love.

“The benefits of listening to the mantra chanted by the Master are equal to that of chanting the mantra” Sri Sakthi AMMA

Devotees who sponsor this yagam will be able to listen to and receive the Divine vibrations of this most powerful moola mantra.

Although the sponsor will attend the yagam online, with AMMA’s grace and our devotion, there is really no distance. It is a great blessing to be able to be present for this Maha Yagam and to be exposed to these Divine vibrations generated by Beloved AMMA. Generally it would take a priest hundreds of thousands of repetitions to generate even a portion of the energy or sakthi that Beloved AMMA, the Avatar of Narayani, can impart in just moments.

“Distance is not a matter. AMMA will bless them, they can feel they are sitting in front of the Yagam. By being exposed to the vibrations of the moola mantra generated by AMMA, devotees will receive AMMAs blessings, healing and grace”. Sri Sakthi AMMA

It is already a special occasion to be able to be present for a yagam, but to be present for a yagam that the Divine performs while chanting a mantra of this caliber and to receive these vibrations from Beloved AMMA directly - it is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Extra Highlights of this Occasion

At the conclusion of the daily yagam, Beloved AMMA will further bless the devotees with various discoursing of wisdom teachings, healing, singing of bhajans or other such activities as per Amma’s discernment as to what is needed on the day.

Beloved AMMA

Sri Sakthi AMMA is the Avatar of the Goddess Narayani. Devi Narayani has incarnated in this Kaliyuga (age of darkness) to help
restore the balance of dharma and reconnect humankind to spirituality and their inherent Divinity. Goddess Narayani comprises the trimurti Durga Devi, Lakshmi Devi and Saraswati Devi.

Sri Sakthi AMMA’s mission is to lead humanity on the path of spirituality and to implement social welfare programs for the
underprivileged and serve those in need.

Yagam schedule

The Bhadrakali Moola Mantra Maha Yagam will begin on Friday 24 July 2020 and be performed daily by Sri Sakthi Amma until Wednesday 9 Sept.

Daily yagam time: 6.00-7.30pm (Indian Standard Time):

# Time Zone Conversion (for main puja start)

6.00pm (IST) = 5.30am (PDT), 8.30am (EDT), 9.30am (BRT), 1.30pm (BST). 10.30pm (AEST).

Please see time zone converter for all other times

Sponsorship Cost

The cost is $54 AUD per day for each person.

Devotees may sponsor any number of the days of the yagam that they would like to attend, from 1-48 days.

To sponsor the FULL 48 day Bhadrakali Moola Mantra Maha Yagam, please select this package in the online booking process.

Sponsors will be invited to view their selected yagam/s with a unique private Zoom online link for each day sponsored.

Special yagam prasad: At the conclusion of the yagam, sponsors will receive the post powerful healing vibuti, raksha string and raksha paste from the ashes of the fire. Sponsors will also receive via email an audio recording of Beloved AMMA chanting this auspicious Moola Mantra.

Ladies Holiday… special notes for women

Amma has given approval for women to watch the yagam at anytime during their moon cycle, as Amma is performing the yagam and they will be watching from their home.

To sponsor a day or a bundle.

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