Cardiac Surgery

Financial Aid for Cardiac Surgery – Arogya Program

On April 22nd 2007, our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma generously donated 2,170,000 Rs. to various medical treatments and cardiac surgeries for 31 people. Six tricycles were also given out to the physically disabled. Mr. Kulasekaran, the Honourable Justice of the High Court in Chennai, was the chief guest.

During the function, Justice Mr. Kulasekaran gave a very inspiring speech both in Tamil and in English. He explained how wonderful he felt being in the presence of the Beloved Amma. He praised Sri Sakthi Amma for providing such excellent spiritual and social services to the underprivileged, in spite of being only half his age.

A very thankful father, coming all the way from Nagercoil, tearfully gave an account on how he came to receive the gift of open heart surgery for his son and expressed his thanks and gratitude to Amma and the Arogya program. He said last year his son was in a very serious condition requiring open heart surgery and he brought him to the Christian Medical College Hospital in Vellore. He soon found out that the surgery will cost him 85,000 Rs. He was devastated since he knew that he could never be able to come up with that amount of money and his child will probably never get the surgery. Seeing his despair, an attendant from Christian Medical College Hospital advised him to go to Sri Sakthi Amma at Thirumalaikodi because Amma takes special care of the underprivileged.

Following the advice of the attendant, he then came to Sri Narayani Peedam and presented his case to Sri Sakthi Amma. Amma generously donated the money for the surgery and today his son is healthy and happy. He said that he will never forget this great blessing he received from Amma.

Amma’s Message

There will always be some problem or the other for human beings to face. However, only a few of them will find a way to come out of those problems. They are the ones who are bestowed with the mercy of God. Today is a special day for both you children and adults as well because today you have received the grace of God. There are so many children like you who need heart surgery and medical assistance, but not all of them will get a chance to apply here, get selected and receive help.

Some of them may be still hesitant to approach the Peedam. Only a few like you got the chance because of God’s mercy for the tears you have shed for your child; the good deeds, the pujas (prayers) and the devotion you have shown. Receiving this assistance is the sign that you have been blessed by God.

You must remember the grace of God all the time, as God has blessed today as being a golden day in your lives. These children who receive medical assistance today did not bring a recommendation letter, only a letter with a one rupee stamp. No other efforts were required. The fact that you have been selected means you have been bestowed with God’s mercy and grace. Your devotion has given you this opportunity. Your trust in Amma allowed this to happen.

Today, you have been blessed by Amma to have the heart operation, so continue to have faith and trust in God throughout your life. The lesson today is the uniqueness of helping others. Today you experience great happiness and relief on receiving this help. You should also help others as much as you can to the best of your ability. Only someone who has suffered the pain will know and understand the pain of suffering. Only you will realize the pain of other people who is suffering like you. As Amma has listened to your prayers and helped you, you in return should also help others who are in need.

Amma blesses everyone in the universe to be healthy, happy and graceful.




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