Full Moon Puja

Full Moon Puja

Full moon puja was conducted by Sri Narayani Amma on Friday March, 21st, 2008 in the Yagashala at the Sri Narayani Peedam. As usual there was a huge gathering of devotees who came to witness this special event and to receive blessings from Beloved Amma.

Amma's Full Moon (Pournami) Message - 21.03.2008

"Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye,

Shive Sarvatha Shaadhike,

Sharanye Triambake Gowri,

Narayani Namostute"

When we analyze the wishes of every human being in this world, we see that everyone wants to lead a life full of peace and without worries. When a man encounters a lot of suffering he always thinks it is a result of his Karma or the effects of his fate. Devotion is wisdom. When a man has devotion he can acquire this wisdom and win over fate. Only Amma has the power to give happiness and the power to alleviate suffering, however great it may be. Once Amma showers Her grace, Karma, fate, etc. will fade far, far, away.

Just as the snow melts and disappears on receiving the rays of the sun, all Karma and rewards of fate will disappear on receiving the grace and mercy of Amma. Devotion has to be whole hearted and humble. If an ordinary man can take pity on his repenting servant imagine how much more Amma can give to you with her abundance of love and affection. Some people pray with conditions to Amma? You will give 10 litres of milk and Pongal if you get this or that! Or now that you got what you want you will offer milk and Pongal. Whose milk and Pongal is it that you want to offer, when everything you have is given to you by Amma.

Devotion is whole heartedly doing something good for others with love and humility. When we think of Amma we think good thoughts and in turn do good deeds. Whatever one thinks he becomes. A deed is the result of a thought whether it is a good thought or a bad thought. Devotion is needed not only to get relief from sufferings in life but also required to lead good life in society and to create goodness. Devotion is accepting Amma whole heartedly and worshiping Amma daily. There is no need to ask Amma for anything. The mere thought Amma will bring all that is needed in your life.

Amma blesses everyone


Amma fixes the garlands

Amma gives a discourse

Amma gives a discourse

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