Full Moon Puja

Full Moon Puja

Full Moon Puja was conducted by Sri Narayani Amma on Tuesday March 10th, 2009 in the Yagashala at the Sri Narayani Peedam. As usual there was a huge gathering of devotees who came to witness this special event and to receive blessings from Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma.

Amma's Full Moon (Pournami) Message: 10.03.2009

"Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye,

Shive Sarvatha Shaadhike,

Sharanye Triambake Gowri,

Narayani Namostute"

There is a book of slokas called the Devi Mahathmyam which contains many slokas explaining Amma's grace, love and passion. One sloka says that Amma protects all living beings in all the worlds with passion. Amma always looks at all living beings with love and kindness. During times of trouble and distress you may think that your prayers have not reached Amma or Amma has turned blind and deaf to your troubles. In spite of your deep devotion you may still feel that Amma does not come to your rescue in times of suffering.

Sufferings are the result of your sins from your previous birth. Let us take an example. A mother has a son and whilst he is playing he hurts his leg by hitting it against an iron rod. There is a little wound and a small amount of bleeding but the son does not tell his mother about it for fear that his mother would scold or even beat him. After a few days, there is pain as the wound gets swollen and becomes infected.

Amma now notices it and is puzzled and worried about the pain of the wound her son got. She calls him close, keeps him on her lap and starts pressing the swollen wound hard enough to remove the puss cleaning it for it to heal. But this process is more painful for the son, he screams with pain; but the mother consoles him saying, "Don't worry, soon everything will be alright" but continues to press hard so that the wound is completely cleaned.

In this example the mother tries to heal the wound. Her intention is not to hurt her son. In the same way if one faces suffering and appeals to Amma, Amma tries to reduce the impact of the suffering which was caused by one's own deeds in the previous births. So, don't ever feel that Amma has forsaken you or does not care for you. Amma is full of love, passion and affection for all living beings on earth. In times of suffering, when you surrender to Amma, Amma will give you the strength to bear the pain of your suffering.

Since the sufferings are the result of your own deeds in your previous birth, they may not be removed but you will be able to bear it with Amma's grace. Just think of the divine name of Amma and Amma will be right there with you.

On this auspicious day Amma bless that all living beings in the universe have peace, joy and happiness.


Full Moon captured in it's glory over the Sri Narayani Temple


Beloved Amma puts the first piece of wood in the fire pit


Amma gives a discourse


Amma sprinkles holy water blessing the devotees

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