Full Moon Puja

Full Moon Puja

Full Moon Puja was conducted by Sri Narayani Amma on Saturday March 3rd, 2007 in the Yagashala at the Sri Narayani Peedam. As usual there was a huge gathering of devotees who came to witness this special event and to receive blessings from Beloved Amma.

Amma's Full Moon (Pournami) Message: 03-03-07:

"Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye,

Shive Sarvatha Shaadhike,

Sharanye Triambake Gowri,

Narayani Namostute"

The most vital relationship every living being has in this Universe is with its mother. Whichever life form it is; whether it lives on land, flies in the sky or lives underwater, the relationship with its mother is essential and powerful. Where ever this powerful relationship exists there will be happiness, peace and joy. The power called mother is essential for every form of life.
For example, when a small child is with its mother it never asks for anything. The mother gives and does whatever is necessary for the well being of the child at the right time. This is true for all life forms. The mother never has to be asked. The most powerful strength for every life form is its mother.

The mother’s relationship for all other life forms is present only for a fixed time; except for mankind. For example, if you think of a bird, the small bird will be with its mother only until its feathers are grown and the wings are strong enough to fly. After that the small bird flies off and finds its own way. If you think of a deer, the small one will be with its mother only until it can walk and search for its food; then it leaves its mother. The same with a lion, the lion cub stays with its mother until it learns to hunt then; it also leaves its mother. Likewise all other life forms break away from the motherly bond after a certain period of time.

However, only human beings keep the relationship with their mother. The mother’s relationship remains intact because man needs the affection and devotion that comes from his mother. The mother caters to everything a child needs whether the child knows it or not; whether the child expects it or not. When man grows older and understands the realities of life, he begins to seek another mother. Devotion is unique to man and is like a second mother to him.

Though other life forms can become devoted; they do not know about God. They do not understand what devotion is. They go through whatever hardships they encounter and have no idea about prayers or about God. Unlike other life forms that have only one mother, when man develops devotion it becomes his second mother which is the greatest strength in his life. What can he gain through devotion? He can gain peace, courage, power and strength.

What will a person who has no devotion or trust in God do when he has to face difficulties? He will believe that he has no one to turn to for help and comfort; and that he has to solve his problems himself. He will try his very best to come out of his difficulty thinking he has no one he can trust to help him. He will not even think to share his burden with others. However if a person with devotion happens to have even a small problem he immediately turns to God for help.

Appealing to God gives us great strength and courage. This is not possible for those who do not have devotion. Someone with devotion and firm belief in God has the strength to handle any problems that arise. This is the difference between those with faith and those without faith. Through devotion, a person can shed his entire burden and can attain peace. We will also receive what we ask for through prayers; but only devotion has the power to immediately remove the burden of difficulty.

A child in a mother’s womb does not worry about anything like food, security etc. It is the responsibility of the mighty power called ‘Mother’ to provide all of these. Likewise, devotion in one’s heart is just like a mother. Just like a child who does not fear anything when he is with his mother; when there is devotion, he need not worry about anything. We may not get what we ask for on the same day we ask for it but we will definitely get something that is beneficial for us in the right time. That is the effect of devotion.

The concept about devotion for most of us is that we should get whatever we ask for as soon as we ask for it. But this is not so. Devotion is just remembering Amma. The child feels brave when he is with his mother. He will even dare to lift the tail of a huge dog; he will approach a big yak without fear. Where does this courage come from? It is due to the closeness of the mighty power called Amma (Mother).

In the same way, if one has devotion, automatically there is courage, consolation, peace and joy. So, if you have devotion that itself is a mighty strength just like a child has being with the mother. A child always runs around the mother whether or not she gives him anything. All the child needs is to be near its mother. Devotion is just the same. Only man can receive the second mother called devotion. No other life form is able to think of Amma with devotion or has the knowledge to understand the concept of devotion.

So, you have to utilize this gift of devotion. There are so many who do not know who Amma is or who God is; but you are blessed in this respect. You are blessed to get to know about God. As soon as you believe that there is a God you begin to see a way to solve all your problems. If a person without faith in God meets with difficulty he would not find a way to come out of it. But, if person with ardent faith in God meets with any difficulty his soul automatically looks to God for help which brings him peace and joy. If you have devotion, it is also due to God’s mercy. That is why there is a saying, ‘I worshiped at His feet by His grace”.

Just like a mother is so essential for a child, devotion is very essential for every one of us because a mother takes total care of her child without being asked. So, have strong devotion. Devotion is not asking for what you need. It is just thinking of God. A child does not ask for anything from the mother. The child gets everything just by being with its mother. The child continues to do only one thing. Whatever the situation, the child clings to its mother. In the same way it is enough for you to cling to the God (Para Sakthi) within and you will get everything. There is no one without problems; but while crying over our difficulties we forget the presence of Amma which means, we go far away from Amma.

God does not wait for us to ask for something. She gives us everything without us asking for it. If we believe that God will give only if we ask, then how does a mosquito live? Does it pray for its food? The drop of blood it needs is provided regularly by some of you. Elephant needs a large amount of food. Does it pray or cry for food at any time? Has the elephant been deprived of food because it did not ask or pray for it that day? No, it gets its food daily. So, devotion does not mean asking for something. It means just thinking of God.

When you are a child, your mother takes care of you. When you are grown up your mother thinks you can now take care of yourself and her care is no longer needed. But with God you will always remain a child. If you start thinking that you are grown up and you know everything, God will leave you on your own.

So, man has two mothers. First is the one who gave birth and fed him with her own blood. The second one is devotion or God. Spare just 10 minutes every morning to meditate on God. It’s a gesture that we are with Amma and Amma is with us. That will do and it means that we are still children and Amma will provide everything. So, don’t worry about anything. It is quite natural for everyone to have problems because of the the deeds in our previous births.

If you are asked about your needs you may be able to tell what you need today but you do not know exactly what you need in the next month or the next year. Devotion should be total surrender to Amma because Amma knows what you need in your life. When you surrender totally to Amma, you will receive peace, happiness and joy. A person who owns a cycle longs for a car and so on. Be happy with what you have. Just cling to Amma and Amma will take care of everything.

Amma blesses everyone in the universe be happy, peaceful and gracious


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