Guru Poornima Discourse




Om Sarva Mangala Maangalye

Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike

Sharanye Tryambake Gowri

Naaraayani Namosthute

Generally, devotees hold expectations. Their expectations are that miracles should happen in their lives – and that they should happen immediately. So what is a miracle?

It would seem like a miracle when we are able to build a new home very fast… it would seem like a miracle when a student acquires a placement in college… it would seem like a miracle – when a prospective bridegroom offers to bear all of the wedding expenses.

Well, these are not true miracles… and what would be the greatest miracle of all? Well, it has already unfolded! Because the bhakti (devotion for the Divine) which Amma beholds – that is the greatest miracle in the Universe! Why? Because the other meaning for this word, bhakti is love – the love... we hold and which we express… for the Divine.

How – and when – do we express our love… our love towards the Divine? Is it possible for anyone to express bhakti by simply going through the motions? No. It is only when the Divine feels real to us that we are able to express our love, in reverence and adoration – in bhakti.

Bhakti is Love in its highest form… it holds profound inner qualities with its beauty and its depth of devotion. Chances and opportunities for expressing this kind of love only get created once these qualities unfold in the devotee.

Can we express love towards something which we do not have any feelings for – nor even have a connection with? Can we express love towards something, when we do not even sense its presence?

The realisation of the presence of Sakthi comes as a knowingness; it is experienced through our senses. It is this realisation which enables us to express our love and devotion towards the Divine – in the form of bhakti.

We all live in houses. Some of us have a one-bedroom, three-bedroom or even a fivebedroom home. However, is it possible to view the whole house in a single glance? Impossible! We can only look at one room at any one time. We may boast that this is our home and that we have built it… but, even though we may have built it, we cannot see our whole house with just a look. The individual rooms in our homes can only be seen when we enter them, one-by-one. If we are unable to see inside of our own homes with a single glance, hen how can we even see inside two or three homes at once?

The same applies – for our street... our town... our district… our state… our country... our world... our universe... the multiple universes. It is simply not possible!

And yet... there are many who even declare:

“That Empress and Sovereign of the Universe who is even greater than the sum of all the multi-universes out there – I have seen Her – the Divine Mother – with my own eyes!”

“She was so exquisitely beautiful!”

“She smiled!”

“How beautifully She was adorned with those sparkling ornaments!”

“I will not speak to Her, henceforth!”

So how do these incidents occur, how do these interactions happen? We have to realise that whenever Sakthi unfolds, this is solely due to Amma’s Compassion. It is never due to our knowledge or learning. Our senses and our knowledge are limited, but Amma who can see all of the multiple universes, offers us Her Unconditional Love and Compassion through Her gift of bhakti.

Abirami Pattar, in his one of his song’s reiterates:

Veliye Velikadanda Bhoothangal Aaginindra En Amme
Adiyen Arivu Alavirkhu Nee Alavanathu Athisayame

Adiyen Arivu Alavirkhu Nee Alavanathu Athisayame

Although it is never possible to see You,
You have bestowed upon me Your kindness,

You have instilled in me Your courage,
You have gifted me Your love and affection.
Veliye Velikadanda Bhoothangal Aaginindra En Amme
Oh Mother! This Space (which prevails as one of the Five Elements here on
earth) – is all within Your boundaries.
Yet I cannot view it in its entirety – not with my meagre knowledge, nor my
poor ability!
How lovingly and so compassionately You have scaled down your immense
Divine proportions... to descend thus – to my intellectual level!
This is why I am now able to see You – and honour You… with poojas
offered in total love and bhakti.
Could there be anything that is a greater treasure?

Veliye here means space – is it possible to see or to measure the entire vastness of space? Has science identified the complete range of space? Whatever extent we are able to see is considered space by us. No one has been able to tell us the exact dimensions nor measure that entire vastness which is called space. So far, science has not been able to determine these. Space also prevails as one of the five elements on earth.

‘Miracles’ according to one’s expectations, can be viewed as miracles for now – but they are soon forgotten, as the need for another new ‘miracle’ could arise. A human being can only ask for what he or she needs on any given day. They will not be able to foresee their needs for their lifetime.

So, Sakthi in the form of Bhakti Love cannot be achieved through our efforts, nor our likings or our cravings – but only through Amma’s Grace. That is why it is said:

Avan Arulale Avanthal Vanangi

Bhakti – which can be present in all – is the biggest miracle in the Universe. And nothing is more valuable than bhakti. The Divine is a very big sakthi (power). We often wonder if the Divine exists only within our photo frames but the ultimate Truth is… God exists within the photo frame as well as outside of it… and even in space!

Veliye Velikadanda Bhoothangal Aaginindra En Amme

The universe is so vast; and there exists multiple universes. But so far, no one has been able to comprehend its true vastness. But for Sakthi Amma, the entire cosmos is but a nucleus!

Yet that same powerful Amma is exemplifying bhakti – by offering prayers, performing pooja, offering annam (grains/food) to the Divine Mother and garlanding Her.

Bhakti however, can only be realised through Amma’s Grace. And there is no miracle that is as grand as this – one cannot expect a miracle greater than bhakti.

As Amma said earlier, those ‘miracles’ can be considered miracles for now… or for today; such as buying a house, getting a job or getting married. But once these are achieved, people go searching for yet another ‘miracle’. The heart longs for one ‘miracle’ today – and upon that happening, will desire another, some other day. Then the heart requests still another – once the previous ‘miracle’ is achieved. The heart’s desire is matched only when these miracles continue to happen.

It is only when we realise that there is a much greater ‘miracle’ than all of these combined, that we can be permanently content living in bhakti – bhakti towards Amma and Amma’s Grace.

In Lalitha Sahasranamam, this name of Ambal appears:

Dasankulina Gothpanna Narayana Dasakrithiki

This means that Perumal’s ten Avatar forms had descended from the tips of the fingernails of the Divine Mother! Imagine: Perumal Himself is such a big Sakthi – and yet that very Sakthi has descended from Adi Sakthi Herself – the Divine Mother.

Now you can well imagine how much greater is the Sakthi of the Divine Mother. And we are offering love and affection – yes, bhakti to that Sakthi. The gift of genius – of knowledge and intelligence – can only occur with the Divine Mother’s compassion. And it is due to Amma’s Compassion that bhakti has descended in this era. Bhakti is our primary requirement… our main need.

Once we attain bhakti, then all else will follow. Our shortcomings will also disappear. How does this happen? When we offer unconditional love and affection to that Sakthi which is Amma – this results in the removal of all the negative thoughts from our minds. This in turn creates only positive thoughts and good actions which then result in good karma, sound health and a life filled with purpose.

The greatest miracle the world needs right now is the offering of bhakti to Amma. The miracle of bhakti is the most important of all but it does not come to everyone. There are several countries in the world where too many people have been living without knowing the true meaning of God. They might consider themselves atheists; but in reality they have not received God’s Blessings. However, once they receive Divine Blessings, they attain bhakti and then realise the power of bhakti – without which, the offering of bhakti can never happen. Since our Bharat Bhoomi (Land of India) is a Punniya Bhoomi (Holy and Blessed Land) – we can easily attain bhakti; hence we do not value its true greatness.

The biggest miracle in the world is bhakti – the bhakti which we need to offer to Amma. Having bhakti is such enormous Grace; everything else follows... once we attain it. Don’t you see... bhakti as a Divine process has already been happening. There is the need to realise that Amma’s Sakthi is the miracle. It is there: in our ability to witness Amma as the Sakthi; in our ability to celebrate the miracle of Amma the Sakthi; and in our ability to enjoy the miracle of Amma the Sakthi.

All of these will unfold only when Amma’s Divine Blessings are received. Hence, all those who possess bhakti have Amma’s Divine Grace. The presence of bhakti is testament to the presence of Amma’s Divine Grace – as well as all the requirements which we may need… for a later time.

The presence of bhakti is purely Divine Grace. And all those who possess bhakti have the allpervasive Amma’s Divine Grace bestowed upon them because of their previous good deeds and karma. So, during this auspicious hour, Amma Prays and Blesses all living beings in the world to lead a happy and prosperous life.

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