Hospital 3rd Anniversary

Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre  3rd Anniversary

The third anniversary of the hospital was celebrated in a fabulous spirit and style. Our Beloved Arul Thiru Sakthi Amma lighted the lamp and inaugurated the celebration. Director Shri N. Balaji garlanded Amma and welcomed the gathering.

Dr. C. Madhavan welcomed Amma through a song accompanied by Mr. Mani Balan on the key board and Mr. Nelson on the Tabla. All the department heads garlanded Amma. Thee staff members who contributed outstanding service in the year 2006 were given awards by Amma. Another devotional song was presented by the same music group. After the reading of the annual report by Dr. Varadhan, our Medical Superintendent, Amma gave the divine discourse as follows:

This day is a pleasant day for all of us and an important day in the lives of many of us. This happiness and joy should continue to be present in the everyday life of all of us. Generally every human being in this world likes and expects one thing and that is happiness. Whoever it may be, everyone desires happiness. Generally what many people mean by happiness is to acquire what one does not have. People think that they will be happy when they get what they cannot get ordinarily. For example, if a man has a bicycle, he will long to have a two wheeler. Those people who already have a two wheeler will crave for a car. Those who own a car already will look out for a better car than what they have.

Our contention is that we will be happy only we get something we do not have. No. Some people will not possess even what we have. To be happy with what we have is real happiness. You are specially blessed to work in Sri Narayani Hospital which is unique and no other people are lucky enough to have. This is a hospital of Sri Narayani. Normally people work under people but you are working under Divinity. This grace will not be accorded to all of humanity.

Many people have highly elevated professions but only under a man or woman. But you all are serving under God. What you have received will not be available to many others. Maybe you may not have what many others have. But what you have is definitely not received by many others. Your position, your post and your chance are not received by many others. So, be happy with what you have today. That is the right thing. Only the right thing has happened to you. If you learn to derive happiness with what you have, peace and happiness will automatically come to you.

Bear it in mind on this auspicious third anniversary that this hospital has to grow for serving for many thousands of years. The responsibility for its growth is with all of you. Growth does not mean additions of building year by year. Growth has two sides. One is infra structure and the other is best patient care. Every patient who enters the hospital should depart with a smile of satisfaction. That is the real growth which does not lie on the additions of buildings. Construction of a building is very easy. If some one gives a donation we can construct a building. But what is important is the life inside the building.

An institution earns a good name not through its buildings but through what is happening inside the buildings. In a school there should be education with discipline. In a factory there should be work with consideration. Likewise in a hospital, along with building there should be doctors and nurses with love and grace. Only that is true development.

Any one can construct a building. But the growth of the hospital; the responsibility lies with all of you. That is possible only when you think that you are specially blessed to work here. Be happy for joining and working in this institution. There are so many institutions. But this institution is unique and different. This belongs to God. Your presence here is not just because of your certificate and brain alone but also because of Gods grace. Be happy with what you have because what you have is not available to many others.

When you feel happy with what you have, the growth of the institution will automatically be achieved. Normally, a patient enters the hospital with pain and displeasure. But when he leaves the hospital, he is satisfied and happy. Do have a goal. Whether you are a doctor or staff member from any department, take an oath to make anyone who comes to you a happy person as much as you can. That will give fulfillment to you and pride to the institution as well. What you have is the gift from Amma. Bear it in mind and fully use this chance to give gracious growth to your institution. A patient who comes to the hospital does not go directly to the doctor. Before that there are many stages one has to under go like P.R.O., X-ray, scanning etc. and finally gets medicine and comes out. So, every one has a responsibility and a duty to provide maximum happiness to those who come to you.

There lived a business man in a village. He had no faith in God. He teased others who had faith in God. One day he was on his way to another village regarding his business. He walks to the neighbouring village because in those days there were no transport facilities. He sees a pumpkin plant with a big pumpkin and wonders about the size and beauty of the pumpkin in that thin creeper. His legs start paining and he decides to take rest under a big banyan tree. Lying down under the banyan tree he looks up at the tiny fruits of the big banyan tree. He is amazed to see such a big fruit on a thin pumpkin vine and such tiny fruits in a gigantic banyan tree.

People say that there is God. He thinks that this fact is good enough to prove that there exists no such thing as God. He is also of the opinion that if there is God, if at all there be one, He should have a little brain and He wouldn’t have placed such a big pumpkin in a thin vine and such tiny fruits in a big banyan tree. By that time there was a strong breeze which shook the banyan tree and one fruit fell on his forehead causing him pain because it fell from such a height. While he rubs his forehead, he hears a unanimous voice. “My clever son; as you think, if I had kept the pumpkin in this banyan tree and it had fallen on your head; just imagine what kind of disaster you would have undergone. You would have gone not for just five minute’s rest but for eternity”.

This story is just to explain that God not only keeps nature under control but also keeps everything at the appropriate size, distance and proportions. There is nothing defective in the creation. Placing a plant which needs moderate water on the ground, another plant which can live consuming very less water in the deserts and placing plants which need more water in oceans are all the perfect placements of nature. If everything is correctly placed and planned how is possible that what happens in your lives will be imperfect.

So, whatever has happened today in your life; what ever you have received today is the right thing and perfect receipt. Accept it with contentment and half of your worries will vanish. If you don’t, unnecessary worries will haunt you like that unfaithful man. This day is a golden day. What has happened to me is good for me which gives me happiness. There may be defects in man’s deeds but each and everything is perfectly designed by God. So, God is a power that is full of wisdom. Your presence here is not just because of your certificate or how smart you are. It is the decision of Amma.

Amma blesses that through the grace of God, all living beings of the universe be healthy, happy, peaceful and blissful.

The celebrations continued after the discourse with a variety of cultural programmes followed by a delicious meal.



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