Jyothi Swaroopini – Karumariamman Temple Consecration

Jyothi Swaroopini - Karumariamman Temple Consecration

The Sri Karumariamman Temple at Thirumalaikodi was consecrated by Arul Thiru Sakthi Amma. At 7.30 a.m. on Wednesday 28th March, 2007, Sri Sakthi Amma climbed the wooden steps to reach to the top of the temple.

While the priests chanted the holy mantras, Sri Sakthi Amma bathed the Kalasam with holy water after which, Amma sprinkled the holy water on the devotees who gathered below to witness the consecration. After the consecration ceremony Amma delivered an inspiring speech.

Amma's Discourse:

There are three stages in human life; they are Childhood, Adulthood and Old age. In the first stage as a child, the child cannot eat solid foods. Only liquids and soft items are given to the child. The child must grow up a bit to eat things that require chewing. If you look at a baby monkey, it is able to eat and enjoy whatever its mother can eat on the very day it is born. It is able to go on top of a very high tree and enjoy eating the finest fruits. How is it possible? This is possible because the baby monkey clings to its mother and the grip is so strong that it will not fall from its mother and the mother also takes all the care not to drop her offspring at any cost.

There is a saying. "Monkey grip and Cat grip". Monkey grip is always talked about as the strongest grip. Since the baby monkey grips its mother so strongly, it does not worry about anything. Food, love and security are provided by the mother. There is no danger for the baby because it clings to its mother. A kitten is not always with its mother. When ever it feels hungry it goes to its mother to be fed. After that it leaves its mother and the mother cat also does not bother about the kitten which has gone off after being fed. Since, the kitten is away from its mother, there are more chances of getting into trouble.

You will find a verse in the Sahasranamam. If you hold something, it will hold you and if you loose the grip of it, it will leave you. It means, if I hold something it is with me as long as I hold on to it but if I let go of it, it leaves me instantly. Devotion (Bhakthi) is like the mother. If you cling to God through devotion, God will never leave you in any circumstance. When you lose devotion, God does not leave you; it is you who move away from God. So, devotion should be like the grip of a monkey. If you are devoted all the time, there will be no worries, no problems and whatever you wish for will be automatically provided to you.

This period of time is called Kaliyuga which means "Time of Sinfulness". During this period, the evil powers always try to give all kinds of negative thoughts. During such times of temptation, if you hold God strongly as a child; God will never forsake you. It is the responsibility of the mother to take all the care of the child as long as the child is with her.

Amma blesses that with the deepest devotion to God, all the living beings in the universe be happy, comfortable and peaceful.


Sri Sakthi Amma at the top of the temple

Sri Sakthi Amma at the top of the temple


Crowd gathered to witness the Kumbabhishekam and to receive blessings

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