Jyothi Swaroopini – Revival of Heritage and Culture

At 9:45am, on April 24th 2005, Amma inaugurated the renovation work to be done on a thirteen hundred years old temple. This is a very famous temple, which is of great spiritual importance and has a very rich heritage. The deities present in this temple are Sri Margabandeeshwara and Sri Maragathambikai. The temple is situated in the District of Vellore in Thiruviringipuram.

At the inauguration, Amma gave a speech to the people about the word Bagyam (special and blessed opportunity). Amma said that when a person is in the midst of a big gathering such as this, one gets a special gift or a blessing and is said to be lucky. Therefore one should take every opportunity to participate in functions that are for a good cause.

Temple in Thiruviringipuram

This function has been disabled for Sri Narayani Peedam.