May 8 th. Sri Narayani Dheeksha Programme for Devotees


Narayani Dheeksha Programme
for Devotees

Spiritual Initiation For All
Leading Up To Proclamation Day May 8, 2020

Beloved Amma has blessed every devotee to take part in Narayani Dheeksha initiation in their own home this year.

For those new to Amma, this is an initiation into Amma becoming their spiritual teacher and to the mantra, Om Namo Narayani. For those already connected with Amma, Narayani Dheeksha will deepen and strengthen their connection to Amma and the mantra, Om Namo Narayani.

All are welcome to take part in this special Narayani Dheeksha - including children.

Guidelines To Wearing The Narayani Mala
On First Day Of Dheeksha

  1. On April 30th morning at 8 am( your time) place the yellow mala and a glass or pot (copper, steel or brass) of theertham (holy water) at your altar.

How to make theertham:

  1. Place your right hand over the glass or pot of water (if possible, add a tulsi leaf or cardamom pod to the water).
  2. Chant Om Namo Narayani and invoke Amma’s Grace, Energy and Blessings into the water. This is a simple way to make theertham
  3. Perform your Narayani Dheeksha pooja (see procedure on page 3). At the end of the pooja, after all the offerings and aarathi, sprinkle theertham on the mala and wear it. The head of the family can offer the mala for each of the family members.
  4. From April 30th to May 7th, perform your Narayani Dheeksha programme twice a day (every morning and evening). On May 8th only perform the pooja in the morning. Please follow the guidelines below.
  5. The blessed mala must stay on the devotee for the entire duration of the Narayani Dheeksha (ending May 8th). Do not remove the mala for any reason, such as bathing, sleeping, swimming etc.
  6. For women on their monthly cycle: Amma has advised to continue chanting the mantras during this time, however they should not perform the pooja during the first three days of their cycle. They can begin on their fourth day.
  7. Do not use your Narayani Dheeksha mala for counting the mantras. You may use another mala for counting.
  8. On May 8th, devotees will perform the Narayani Dhheeksha pooja and then remove their mala and place the mala on Amma's photo. Do not wear the mala again after this. Amma has asked all devotees to leave the mala on the photo on your home altar until further instruction from Amma.

Guidelines To Be Followed By All Devotees
Completing The Dheeksha

  1. You must take a bath or shower before each pooja (twice a day, once before the morning pooja and again before evening pooja). Please wash your hair once a day in the morning. This is COMPULSORY.
  2. Do not consume any non-vegetarian food (this includes eggs), alcohol or tobacco products.
  3. Couples need to remain as brahmacharis/ brahmacharinis for the entire period.
  4. No entertainment – this means no movies, no television or parties. No computer or phone use outside of your professional work. Only read books, watch programmes or listen to music of a devotional and spiritual nature. This is a time to immerse oneself in positive, Divine thoughts.
  5. Avoid negative emotions and talk. This includes negative emotions within yourself and the environment around you.


  1. A photo of Amma and Narayani together decorated with either flowers or a flower mala or garland.
  2. One ghee lamp to light on the altar
  3. Incense sticks
  4. Camphor and brass ladle or aarathi lamp to hold camphor
  5. Loose flowers
  6. Fresh fruit and milk for each pooja. Use a different fruit for morning and evening. If fruit is cut, it must be kept covered along with the milk, until time for offering to Amma. Place these on a tray on the altar.


  1. Take your bath/ shower and wear a fresh set of clothes each time. Do not wear the previous day’s clothes without first washing them.
  2. Light the altar lamp and incense.
  3. Begin chanting the mantras:

    Om Namo Narayani — 3 times
    Guru Gayatri Mantra — 3 times
    Sri Narayani Moola Mantra — 3 times
    Narayani Dheeksha Mantra — 108 times

  4. Perform aarathi with the camphor to Amma's photo.
  5. Offer neivedyam (blessed offering) to Amma: uncover the fruit and milk, and symbolically offer to Amma with your love.
  6. Perform aarathi to Amma's photo.
  7. After aarathi, offer flowers to Amma to complete the pooja.
  8. Once pooja is complete, consume the prasadam (blessed fruit and milk). You may also share this with others.
  9. In the evening, have another bath or shower and repeat the pooja and chanting.


Sri Narayani Mantra


Guru Gayatri Mantra


Sri Narayani Moola Mantra


Narayani Deeksha Mantra




What is the significance of wearing the mala?

AMMA: Just as we wear certain clothes for a wedding and a different set of clothes for temple, during dheeksha wearing the mala is necessary to physically remember that, “I am in dheeksha”.

When a doctor works in a hospital, they will wear a white coat. What is the significance of the white coat? Purity. If we see a person in a white coat in a hospital, we know that they are qualified to talk about certain problems. When the doctor wears the white coat, they will also feel a greater sense of responsibility, “I am here to serve others”.

So when we are in dheeksha and we wear the mala, it reminds us, “I need to serve and connect with the Divine.”

What do I do if I cannot buy flowers during lockdown?

Amma says to offer one’s heart.

What do I do if I do not have a yellow mala for Narayani Dheeksha?

Amma suggests attaching an Amma pendant onto a mala. And if you do not have a pendant, then wear a mala.

Why must I wear the mala 24/7?

It is a reminder to yourself that you are practising Amma’s teachings through your discipline during this period.

Why time should I do my mantras and pooja?

You can choose your own timing according to your own schedule.

What should I wear when doing pooja and chanting mantras?

Even though you are in the privacy of your own home you are performing pooja in front of Amma's photo. In addition to wearing a clean set of clothing each time, devotees should wear modest, spiritually appropriate clothing. Devotees should avoid shorts or revealing clothing.

What should I do with the fruit and milk offerings?

After each pooja, devotees should consume the fruit and milk. It can be shared with anyone else in the family. Fresh offerings should be provided at each pooja. Once fruit has been offered in one pooja, it cannot be offered in another pooja.

I do not drink milk. Can I offer the milk to the trees?

No, the milk cannot be offered to the environment. It must be consumed by another human. If you are allergic to milk or cannot consume it, candies or chocolate may be a substitute.

What is the meaning of the Sri Narayani Moola Mantra?

Sarva Mangala Mangalye

The Mother Who gives all things auspicious

Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike

You are Shiva (here also meaning auspiciousness)
The One Who fulfills all our needs

Sharayanye Tryambake Gowri

Sharanye – I surrender to you
Tryamabake – combination of the Three Goddesses: Durgam Lakshmi Saraswathi
Try means three, Ambika means Goddess

Narayani Namosthute

I surrender to that Mother. Let Her accept my worshipful respect.

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