Narration Sahasra Chandi Yagam

Narration Sahasra Chandi Yagam

July 18th 2007, at around 6:00pm, dear Vaishanvi, the Peedam elephant was all dressed up, walked in her own majestic style and waited at the Swayambhu temple.

A member of the Peedam staff led the procession carrying a lighted lamp, followed by Vaishnavi and the peedam artists playing their musical instruments. After Vaishnavi was a chariot dressed with flowers with a huge picture of our Beloved Amma followed by the 50 priests chanting the Vedas. These priests came especially for the yagam from several parts of South India. The procession went through the village of Malaikodi and once the procession arrived back at the peedam, all the priests walked around chanting the Vedas which finally ended in the Darshan Hall.

July 19th, 2007, at 8:00am the procession went around Malaikodi once again and on arrival at the peedam, the priests assembled in the Shanthi Mandapam and chanted the Vedas welcoming Amma. The atmosphere was charged with the vibrations of the Vedic chants as Amma was moving from the peedam to the yagasala (multi purpose hall where the yagam is scheduled to take place). Amma was welcomed to the stage and garlanded by the chief priest, Shri Nanjunda Dixit. He gave a description of the yagam and was extremely grateful for having been chosen to conduct this special yagam. He spoke about the Divine Mother and the fact that this yagam would not have been possible without divine blessings. He invited Amma to say a few words and to inaugurate the yagam. Amma‘s golden words were about Shristi (creation) and the difference between Divine creation and man's invention. Amma also spoke about the Divine decision on various matters.

After the discourse, the priests took the tools to start a fire in the ancient way by churning a piece of wood piece on a wooden board. They tried several times using this method and nothing happened. Amma placed kumkum from Amma's divine forehead and blessed it and instantly the fire ignited. A splendid reminder to show nothing moves or starts without divine's blessings. Amma then left for the peedam and the yagam started with Ganapathi puja and the chanting of Chandi Parayanam. This ended at 2:00pm and Prasad was distributed for all the devotees.

In the evening at 6:00pm, the priests gathered to chant the Vedas. Shortly after the chanting started it began to rain. The sound of the heavy rain on the roof and the Vedic chants gave rise to a beautiful melody. Many of those present stated without a doubt that this was the heaviest rainfall in the last four years. A little later Amma told us that the Gods are happy and all of this is for Loka Kalyanal (for the welfare of the world). It does not matter how many people could attend in person, this yagam is for the welfare of the entire world and the Gods have showered their gift of rain for mankind. The evening session ended at 9:00pm with the showers and a heavily charged atmosphere.

On July 20th to July 29th, 2007, the routine was the same, the priests would gather at the yagasala at 6:00am and the rituals of the Vedic chants and the homas would go on till 1:00pm. Everyday at 12:00 noon about 30 married ladies and 30 children (pre-selected) would be invited to sit down near the yaga kundam. A few other married ladies were invited to do puja for these ladies and children. This is an offering to Devi in the form of the child (Bala Tripura Sundari and Mother Goddess). They were offered clothes, flowers, sweets, beetel leaves, fruits, coconut, kumkum and turmeric. The doer and the receiver went away happy and this Kanya and Sumangali puja was performed for all 9 days. There were days when Amma would do pujas early and come and be seated for a couple of hours on the stage. On July 29th, 2007, the final day, all the rituals were performed and for the final offering (Purnaudhi) Amma arrived and the Sri Chakram was brought from the ghosala. Amma asked for nine sarees which were tied together at the ends. All 9 were offered into the main yaga kundam (Pradhana Yaga Kunda) by the chief priest and then Amma offered the last one, the 10th and main one. After this abhishekam from the kalasams was performed on the Sri Chakram and then on Vaishnavi. The final abhishekam to everyone's surprise was performed on Beloved Amma. What a joyful and memorable end it was.

At 5:00pm, Amma met with all the ritwiks in the Shanthi Mandapam and expressed how happy Amma was with their chanting and performing the yagams. Amma gave a brief discourse to them as to why the world needs the Vedas and how blessed they were to be in that class of ritwiks. Amma then gave them prasadam and bid them farewell with love and blessings.

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