Sripuram Temple

Today we all live in a materialistic world. Every individual is caught in the web of Materialism (Loukikam) pursuing and demanding more than what is required. Our devotion (Bhakti) is always related to the attainment of Material Pleasures and fullfillment of one’s personal needs. In the name of Bhakti, we do so many things due to ignorance and absence of wisdom (Gnana).

To teach and infuse Wisdom through Materialism, Amma has launched the Sripuram – Spiritual Park. Like, when a mother gives her sick child a bitter pill coated with sweetness, two purposes are served. While the child is happy with the sweet taste, the Mother is satisfied that the child has taken the medicine required to cure the illness.

In the same manner, Amma is taking us on the materialistic path to seek Spirituality and attain Wisdom. Sripuram will be the source of Strength and Energy to awaken spirituality and guide mankind on the righteous path. Sri means “Mahalakshmi” or “Sakthi” “Energy”, Puram means Place.

Sripuram spreads over 60 acres of land planted with a large variety of trees, breathtaking Landscape, Fountains, Eco-pond, Cascade Pathways in the shape of the Sri Chakra, lined with Scriptures from various religions of the world. At the very centre of the Sri Chakra pathway stands a Majestic Temple. This spiritual path is meant to foster greater reverence towards other religions. This Sripuram – Spiritual Park is Amma’s dedication to the World and all of Mankind. Please visit for more details.

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