Swayambhu Temple

In 1992, our beloved Arul Sakthi Amma predicted that a “Swayambhu” (a religious symbol that appears on it’s own accord) would manifest itself at Malaikodi. To prove Amma's "Sathya Vaakku ", (Divine words of Truth), a great miracle took place on the 11th September 1992.

On that beautiful evening around 6:00pm, there was a special gathering of very blessed devotees at Malaikodi. In the divine presence of our Beloved Amma, Mother Earth gave way, and there emerged a beautiful "Swayambhu". Blessed were all those who witnessed this Spectacular Divine Event and blessed indeed, is the entire creation!

Several weeks after the appearance of the Swayambhu, a "putthu" (anthill) began to emerge behind the Swayambhu. The Swayambhu temple was constructed around the Swayambhu and the anthill, and was consecrated on January 9th, 2000. Seated at the Gopuram (tower) of the Swayambhu Temple are the idols of the 18 Siddhas who had done great penance to the Divine Mother.

Today, we can see the huge anthill, inside this Swayambhu Temple. The Divine mother is in the form of a snake blessing her children with good health. She protects her devotees from diseases and bestows the boon of children to women who do not have children.

"Santhana Lakshmi " (Goddess of Children) is also installed inside the Swayambhu Temple, just behind the anthill. An Akhanda Deepam (Eternal Lamp) is always burning bright in this Sannidhi (shrine), showing light to all the spiritual aspirants. Going around inside the Swayambhu Temple bestows the devotees with the grace of the Divine Mother and the 18 Siddhas.

Amma’s “Arul Vakku” (Divine Prophecy) is that grievances of people would be reduced if they worshipped the Goddess after pouring ghee in the “Akhandha Deepam” located in the Swayambhu Temple and walked around the Swayambhu nine times with prayer in their hearts.

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