Dhanam – Donations

Dhanam3-01Amma takes a very keen interest in providing relief to many people every single day. One very important form of donation to the needy is Gho-Dhanam (Donation of cows) Many come to meet with Amma at the Darshan Hall (Divine Vision) line and while they receive the Theetham (Holy Water) they also seek Amma’s help and blessings.

Gho (the Cow) is regarded as a very sacred animal in India. Most people worship the cow as a Universal Mother. The human bond between a mother and child is amazing and unbelievable. The mother nurses and nurtures the child from birth and the child develops an immense love and affection for the mother that a special “Mothers Day” is dedicated to her.

Dhanam4-1Compared to the human mother, imagine how much love a cow should be showered with for providing milk not only to her calves but for each and every human being. She shows no distinction to religion, race, nationality or social status and she continues to provide milk unselfishly for the entire world. The cow is revered and worshipped as a Universal Mother because of the selfless service she renders to mankind.

Sri Narayani Amma’s project, Gho-Sam Rakshana (Protection of the Cows) is a very important program that every animal lover will support. Many cows are taken to the slaughter houses once they stop yielding milk. Amma says this is wrong and they must be protected. On many occasions the cows have been bought and brought back to Amma’s Ghoshala (home for the cows); so that they may live for the rest of their lives.

Gho Dhanam (Donation of Cows) is also done frequently to provide self-employment and livelihood for the needy. This is another charitable project that anyone can participate in whether by volunteering your time to help with the cows or by sending donations to the Peedam to help support the project. Of all the Dhanams (Donations), giving of a cow is
considered to be the most spiritually beneficial.

annadhanamFinancialDhanam1-1Every single day “Dhanam” is carried out at the Peedam for people have been impacted by calamities like flood, drought, famine, earthquake and fire. Amma has provided immediate relief by distributing food and clothes to several hundreds of people. In 2001 over 300 homes got burnt to the ground and people were homeless. Amma provided them with many essential
items and cash to restart their lives. Amma has also recently introduced a pension plan for senior citizens.

This function has been disabled for Sri Narayani Peedam.