Green Sakthi

Green Sakthi 

Green Sakthi started back in 2000, in Thirumalaikodi, Tamil Nadu, South India as a small group of people with a huge vision. The vision is to think globally and act locally.  We do this by planting more trees, creating more awareness, making less waste and do this all with loving care. Our first project was afforesting the 1024 hectares of arid and barren hills, next to our headquarters at Sri Narayani Peedam. It took 3 years of negotiation with the State Forestry Department until we could plant the first tree.

Our hard work paid off as the scheme became a joint management program with the Forestry Department and 800 000 trees were planted. In addition to increasing vegetation, the project helped to prevent soil erosion, improved ecology and conserved biodiversity. It is now maintained by 20 SAAP employees (Sri Sakthi Amma Afforestation Program).

Green Sakthi Projects include :

  • Afforestation : 800 000 trees have been planted on the Kailesh Giri Hills.
  • Tree donations: 600 000 fruit trees donated to 3000 local villages.
  • Tree-planting in Vellore and local village areas
  • Green Belt Area
  • Tree-nursery: planting seeds to saplings.
  • Tree donations :we donate 100 000 trees a year to local organisations
  • Green Sakthi Club : environment-awareness programs in local schools
  • Our award-winning Zero Waste Management Program
  • Bio-Gas plant
  • Water sewerage treatment plant
  • Volunteers Program
  • Monthly Newsletter on Green Living

In 2010, our Zero-Waste Management Program was awarded Best Recycling Program in the State of Tamil Nadu, India.Our models for tree planting and Zero Waste-Management can be easily transplanted as sustainable models in rural communities throughout the world.

It is our wish to share our work, experience and expertise. Green Sakthi’s visionary and founder is Sri Sakthi Amma, based at Sri Narayani Peedam, Vellore in South India.  Sri Sakthi Amma is a spiritual leader for world peace.

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