Jyothi Swaroopini

Jyothi Swaroopini – Revival of Heritage and Culture

In and around the city of Vellore there are several places of worship that have gone into ruins and darkness due to the lack of funds and people’s interest in maintaining them. Sri Narayani Amma says that places of worship should flourish and not left in ruins and darkness.

As these places, when kept full of light and worship, will serve as institutions to change the ways of man and help to move mankind towards the path of spirituality. Only when the seeds of spirituality are sprinkled in the mind of man, will his life transform to a beautiful garden with flowers and majestic trees. If not, it will remain as barren as a desert.

In the quest to revive the heritage and keep the culture alive, Sri Narayani Amma has donated very generously to have these places of worship restored, renovated and maintained. The lamps (Jyothi) have now been lit up to dispel the darkness in the temples as well as in every individual’s life.

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