Vidya Nethram

narayanipeedamOur Beloved Amma has always stressed on the importance of Education. Education provides the individual many lessons in life and adding knowledge that is vital for the individual’s future The aim is to let these seeds of knowledge bloom into a garden of wisdom. For it is wisdom that lets the individual strike a fine balance between ones own material pursuits, spiritual enrichment and contribution to society.

A school has been functioning for over seven years now. Essentially it has now taken the form of day care centre for about 65 children, this enables working parents to leave their children in safe hands so that they can go to work, earn and provide for the family’s daily needs. This also increases the children’s chances for a good education.

In June 2000 Amma, declared open The Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School which caters to education programs from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Presently, this accommodates school almost 500 students and a full time faculty of 20 trained staff.

Besides the academic syllabus, students are taught about spirituality, with an emphasis on moral values and culture. There are many parents who line up anxiously wanting admission for their child at the beginning of each academic year.

The students of this school have done very well and have won prizes in Art, Quiz and Sports competitions conducted at state inter-school level. Parents, who are educated, place a lot of emphasis on education for their children as well.Much of the population in rural areas of India does not place much emphasis on education, mainly because of financial restrains. However there is a growing awareness on the importance of education and people are eager to see their children get a good education.

It is well established that a good student of a rural area in terms of academic performance is no less than a student from the urban area. When given the opportunity and encouragement students from rural areas also excel.


Amma’s Vidya Nethram programs are specifically oriented to providing the necessary infrastructure, giving children the encouragement to pursue education beyond school. Amma’s nursery and secondary schools are institutions that reach out to the people in the rural vicinity of Malakiodi.

Distribution of note books, stationery items to several thousands of students is a major program conducted each year. Amma has donated tables, chairs, blackboards, books, stationery and school uniforms to several rural schools which have been adopted by Amma.

Each year students who have secured the highest mark in the Graduating examination in the final year are rewarded with a bicycle. To date about 5500 bicycles have been distributed. Several hundred students have also received a scholarship fund from Amma, encouraging them to move forward in their educational pursuits; as Amma believes that education leads to
knowledge and knowledge leads to wisdom.

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