Puja to the 5 Elements

Special Puja to the 5 Elements

On April 20th 2005, it was very hot and sunny when our Beloved Amma performed a special puja to the 5 elements of Nature (Pancha Bhootas). Special abhishekam was performed for Goddess Narayani at the Eco-pond (now called Sarva Theerta meaning sarva "always" & theerta "holy water").

Amma decorated Goddess Narayani with flowers and let her float on the water. After the puja there was a sudden change in the climate, the wind became very cool and the rains started to fall, indicating the presence of the Pancha Bhootas.

Later that evening around 6.00pm, a procession took Goddess Narayani into the Sarva Theerta (Eco-pond) on a chariot (Pushpa Pallaku) decorated with flowers and lamps (pushpa - flowers, pallaku - chariot).

Goddess Narayani in the Decorated Chariot


Puja for World Peace and Prosperity


Amma and Goddess Narayani in the Chariot

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