Rig Veda Yagams

Rig Veda Yagams

During this time of the year it is usually very dry and there is little or no rain. For the welfare of the people and to bring rain, a series of *Rig Veda Yagams were performed by the priests in front of the Swayambhu Temple, under the Divine guidance of our Beloved Amma. A yagam was conducted twice a day from March 27th to April 1st, 2005. The first rains hit Vellore, around noon on April 3rd, 2005.

*Rig Veda is one of the four Vedas (sacred, ancient Sanskrit texts for the Hindu way of life). Of the 4 Vedas (Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda & Atharva Veda) the Rig Veda is considered the oldest and most important. The Rig Veda consists of sacred Sanskrit chants that praises the Gods and asks them for worldly benefits including, wealth, health, long life, protection and victory.


Rig Veda Yagam outside Swayambhu Temple

This function has been disabled for Sri Narayani Peedam.