Sahasra Chandi Yagam


The work at Sripuram continues to progress at great speed. As part of ceremonial process that will gradually lead to the consecration of the golden temple by the Divine will and Guidance of our Beloved Amma, Sri Narayani Peedam has initiated the first program to conduct a “SAHASRA CHANDI YAGAM” from July 19th 2007 to July 28th, 2007.

In Hindu dharma, God created three categories of life in the universe. They are: - Devas (Angelic), Manitha (Human) and Bootha (other life forms). Humans have the intellect or the 6th sense. Animals have instincts. The Devas are the seen as administrators of the set Rules on behaviour and resulting repercussions as ordained by God. They make sure that the dharmic life and conduct is maintained in the universe. The Devas’ nourishment comes from the oblations we offer in the Holy fire in the Yagnas.

Where there is regularity in prayer we will see regularity of seasons, rain, crops, etc. Where there is disrespect to nature and indifference towards worship or where Dharmic life is not followed, Adharma prevails and the basic necessities for human existance are restricted by the Devas, resulting in rampant drought, famine, disease, etc. Whatever is offered into the yagam yields and benefits humans much more. Humans must realize that only they are capable of providing for the Devas.

When there is no yagam, it simply means that there is no food for Devas. When they do not have this food, they do not have the energy to carry out the work that they are supposed to do. Whenever and wherever a yagam takes place, the Devas will converge at that place and accept the offerings and bless humanity with nature’s gifts. This is the sole purpose of a yagam. It is not just a small ritual or a custom. This is an eternal truth. Hence it should be performed with great care. The vibrations resulting from the chanting are carried by air to the entire world. The chants are for all of humanity and are essential for well being of all life forms.

The “SAHASRA CHANDI YAGAM” yagam is known to have powerful effects of the planets on cosmic, global and individual levels. It is traditionally performed to alleviate the adverse effects of the planets, liberate mankind from all troubles, to restore friendships and to overpower all enemies and negative planetary influences.

The Sahasra Chandi Yagam is an offering to Mother Goddess and is as old as the Vedas. The Devi Mahatmiyam has 700 stanzas and has 3 sections. The first section is named after Mahakali, the second section is named after Mahalakshmi and the third after Maha Saraswati. Devi Mahatme also includes the Devas expressing their gratitude to the Divine Mother for having suppressed the asuras (demons/evil forces). ‘Narayani namosthuthae’ is the core and essence of this prayer.

This yagam will be performed at the new multi purpose hall which is located next to the seva hall. Ten yagam kuntas will be constructed and 50 priests will be chanting the mantras and performing the yagam.

Why is this yagam being performed in an already charged and energized atmosphere in the holy place of the Divine Mother? This yagam is being done for the well being of the entire world and to bring peace and love to all.

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