Sakthi Dhara Retreat

Sri Sakthi Amma’s

Sakthi Dhara Retreat

‘Energising the physical and inner yantras’

11- day spiritual retreat, with Sakthi Dhara Deeksha


22 May – 1 June 2020

Retreat Summary:

Join beloved Sri Sakthi AMMA Narayani in this inaugural online Sakthi Dhara retreat with Yantra Deeksha. Devotees will have the profound opportunity to do puja together with AMMA for 11 days, and have energized their personal yantra for the wellbeing of their home, family, society and the world! Through the process of this Deeksha, Amma will also be energising the 6 inner
yantras (energy centres or chakras) of our soul. JAI MAA!

About ‘Sakthi Dhara’ Yantra Deeksha

Amma’s intention for this retreat is to provide an opportunity for devotees to connect with the Divine through yantra, as a tool to alleviate suffering and bring perpetual blessings for all.

The specialty of this retreat is that beloved AMMA is directing and guiding the process of energizing our yantras as we do puja together. The energy we will be receiving into our yantras is not only from a master but directly from the Divine!

The yantra, which will be connected to the universal energy and radiate Divine blessings, can give benefit for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These effects will not be limited to the home but reach the community and serve the world at large. At this time of COVID-19 where lots of fear and negative energy has been prevailing, it is especially useful to have a radiating force of Divine energy in the home and around the world.

Deeksha means initiation or ignition. It means receiving a spark from the ‘big power’. So the soul of the Master acts as the spark which ignites the flame for the soul of the devotee. Receiving deeksha from a Master is already a profound blessing. However receiving deeksha directly from the Divine is incalculable grace. The name of the retreat ‘Sakthi Dhara (Dhara = rain)’, refers to
the raining down of blessings beloved AMMA offers her children through this initiation. At the completion of the 11 days, the Yantra will be fully activated though AMMA’s grace. The devotee will then be required to maintain the yantra with a daily 15-minute practice to enjoy the benefits of the blessings.

About Amma

Sri Sakthi AMMA is the Avatar of the Goddess Narayani. Devi Narayani has incarnated in this Kaliyuga (age of darkness) to help restore the balance of dharma and reconnect humankind to spirituality and their inherent Divinity. Goddess Narayani comprises the trimurti Durga Devi, Lakshmi Devi and Saraswati Devi.

Sri Sakthi AMMA’s mission is to lead humanity on the path of spirituality and to implement social welfare programs for the
underprivileged and serve those in need.

Retreat schedule

The retreat schedule will begin on Friday 22 May 2020. It is essential that participants are able to attend ALL the sessions for the retreat in order to receive the Deeksha.

Fri 22 May: 12.00-2.00pm (IST): Orientation to the retreat & discourse on the context & significance of the Puja & Deeksha; Karma, Devotion, Yantra & Mantra (with Dr Jagatambe)

3.00- 4.00pm (IST): Yantra Puja overview & practice of mantras (Dr Jagatambe)

Sat 23 May: 9.30– 11.00am (IST): Preparing the Yantra–Abhishekam overview & practical set up – mantra and puja practice. (Dr Jagatambe)

12.00 - 1.00pm (IST): Abhishekam puja for preparation of yantra. (Dr Jagatambe)

2.00 – 3.00pm (IST): Sakthi Dhara Yantra Puja set up & practice (Dr Jagatambe)

Sun 24 May – 1 June:12.00- 1.30pm (IST) – Daily online Sakthi Dhara Yantra puja with Amma (# allow 2 hours on the last day of retreat 1 June)

Time Zone Conversion (for main puja start)

12.00 (IST) = 2.30pm (SGT) - 2.30pm (MYT) - 4.30pm (AEST) – 7.30am (BST) – 11.30pm (PDT)

Please see time zone converter for all other times

# Note – Amma has said a later retreat will be arranged to suit the time zones for USA and Canada devotees

Retreat Facilitator

Through the blessings and invitation of Sri Sakthi Amma, long term devotee who embody the teachings and practices will facilitate some of the retreat sessions. The Retreat facilitator will be:

Jagatambe Narayani

Dr Jagatambe Narayani is an integrative clinical psychologist, wisdom teacher and expert healer, with over a decade of experience, who combines her training with the teachings and practices of Sri Sakthi Amma and her extensive wisdom of Vedic philosophy and Bhakti Yoga to provide deep transformation in a specialist supportive environment. Jagatambe has spent about half of the last 8 years living, studying and serving in Sri Sakthi Amma’s Peedam. Jagatambe has been leading and co-facilitating retreats in India and sacred sites around the world for many years.

Retreat Cost

The price for this 11-day Divine retreat is $1008 AUD

Full payment and registration is required before 21 May to secure your place in this retreat. Any cancellation will be non-refundable, but may be transferred to another person.

Ladies Holiday… special notes for women

Amma has provided advice during the retreat for ladies monthly period (ladies holiday). As it is "detoxification happening monthly in women’s body”, it is a time when going to temple and holy places is not permitted. The body is also very sensitive and it is therefore best to rest during this time.

Day 1-3 of menstruation: Can attend the online sessions to watch but not participate in the puja. During these days a substitute participant can perform the puja on behalf of the participant. # Please keep these requirements in mind when you book for the retreat.

Registration Process

  • Full payment is required by 21 May to confirm your place in the retreat
  • More details about the retreat requirements including puja items needed, online platform being used, and yantra preparation will be sent to participants upon registration. # Note: The main offering for the puja will be cardamom pods. You will need
    approx 500g. These can be bought at Asian grocers or online.

# Note: Amma has requested that for this Deeksha, participants use any Devi Yantra, such as the yantra that is given out at the Sri Suktam Homam (the Lakshmi fire puja at Peedam) or any other Devi yantra. Yantras may be purchased new if locally available or devotees may have other Devi yantras that they already own. If no yantra is available then participants will energize a mala of their choice.

To register please complete the Registration Form

For further information, contact:

Jan Carey
CWD Retreats
In Amma’s loving service

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