Sri Jeyendra Poori Swamiji visits the Sripuram

Sri Jeyendra Poori Swamiji visits the Sripuram

Swami Sri Jeyandra Poori of the Raja Rajeshwari Peedam visited the Sripuram on September 13th, 2007. During his tour of the Sripuram and the Golden Temple he expressed his astonishment at the divine creation.

He said that such an awesome endeavour could be undertaken by a spiritual being such as Sri Narayani Amma. He was more amazed that Sri Narayani Amma was able to accomplish this outstanding task at such a young age.

Swamiji added that the presence and fragrance of the Goddess from the Golden Temple has permeated the whole of Sripuram. He also thanked Mr. N. Balaji, the Director of Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre for the tour. At the end of his visit Swamiji received the divine blessings of Sri Narayani Amma and left very happy and contented.

Mr. N. Balaji gives Swamiji a tour

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