Sri Narayani 20 th Varusha Abhishekam

Sri Narayani 20 th Varusha Abhishekam was performed on the 18 th of January 2021. This function is celebrated every year on the star of the Tamil month when the last Kumba Abhishekam was performed. Our Beloved Sri Narayani (Shakti) Amma presided over the auspicious 1008 Thiru Vilakku (lamp) Pooja. The lamp symbolises the light that leads us away from darkness. It increases the spiritual vibration in the environment.

Devotees were blessed to witness Pada Pooja performed on Amma. Our Beloved Amma’s Mother took part in the Thiru Vilakku Pooja.

This function has been disabled for Sri Narayani Peedam.