Sri Narayani Amma ‘Proclamation Day’ – 13th Anniversary

On May 8th 2005 was the 13th anniversary of Peedam and Sri Narayani Amma's Proclamation Day. To celebrate this day, flower decorators were up and working as early as 2:00am. The Narayani Temple bells rang at 4:00am and Goddess Narayani was woken up to have the holy bath and adorn in grandeur for the big day.

Devotees wash Amma's Feet
2 Devotees wash Amma's Feet
At 6.30am our Beloved Amma was welcomed into the Shanthi Mandapam with the Poornakumbham and priests chanting the Upanishad. Amma with that radiant smile and elegant grace performed the Ganapathi puja and then sat down for the Pada Puja. The Pada Puja was performed by a family from Singapore. Throughout the Pada Puja the priests were chanting the Suktams, Rudram and Chamakam.

Washing of Amma's Feet - Pada Puja

After the Pada Puja, Malar Abhishekam (flower abhishekam) took place. The Priests and the devotees offered flowers to Amma. This was followed by Amma performing Malar Abhishekam to the Putthu (anthill). Thirteen baskets of flowers were offered.

Amma then went to the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School where Vaishnavi (elephant) and Suryan and Chandran (the horses) were all set for the procession. Local and foreign devotees lined up carrying milk pots on their heads. Amma led the procession all the way from Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School to the Swayambhu Temple and each devotee offered milk to the Swayambhu.

Devotees decorate Amma's Feet
4 Devotees decorate Amma's Feet
10,008 pots were offered during the course of the day. Devotees lined up and waited patiently for their turn. Water and food were in abundance and were being offered at regular intervals to the devotees. At 7:00pm the celebrations ended with a great climax with Amma offering the milk to Swayambhu on behalf of the entire universe.

Decorated Feet of Narayani Amma
5 Decorated Feet of Narayani Amma

Placing the milk pot on the head signifies that we are surrendering everything especially our egos. Offering milk, the highest form of purity, is like cleansing ourselves. Furthermore, entering the Swayambhu Temple, offering the milk and coming out, is like going into the Divine Chamber and coming out with our bad karmas reduced.

6 Devotees do Aarthi to Amma

Devotees do Aarthi to Amma

8 Jothiamma performs Malar Abhishekam

Jothiamma performs Malar Abhishekam

7 Priest perform Malar Abhishekam

Priest perform Malar Abhishekam

9 Malar Abhishekam on Amma

Malar Abhishekam on Amma

10 Malar Abhishekam continues

Malar Abhishekam continues

11 Amma decorated with Flowers

Amma decorated with Flowers

12 Amma in Meditation

Amma in Meditation

14 Amma oversees Yagam

Amma oversees Yagam

16 Vaishnavi is dressed up carrying Goddess Narayani

Vaishnavi is dressed up carrying Goddess Narayani

18 Amma leads the Procession

Amma leads the Procession

13 Amma covered with flowers

Amma covered with flowers

15 Amma is Garlanded before the Procession

Amma is Garlanded before the Procession

17 Amma at the start of the Procession

Amma at the start of the Procession

19 Amma with devotees in Procession

Amma with devotees in Procession

20 Pots of milk

Pots of milk


Foreign devotees follow the procession

24 Devotees enter the Swayambhu Temple

Devotees enter the Swayambhu Temple

21 Jothiamma in Procession

Jothiamma in Procession

23 Procession


25 Amma performs Putthu Puja

Amma performs Putthu Puja

Amma's May 8th Discourse

To be born as a human being is a blessing. If it is a blessing, “then why the suffering?” is a frequently asked question. Sufferings are a part of each and everyone’s life, depending on their previous birth karma. There is only one solution to reduce the bad karma, and that is to do Good Deeds always in this birth.

There are four types of Mothers

  1. Divine Mother – The Supreme One
  2. Natural Mother – Mother who has given birth to you
  3. Mother Earth- Supporter of all life forms
  4. Gho Matha. – The selfless giver for all beings and the embodiment of all Gods and Goddesses

The womb of a natural mother is like a sacred chamber. It is a safe haven for the infant to develop and brought forth into this earth. While in the womb and at birth there is no karma for the infant, but just after birth the karma clock starts ticking. If the natural mother’s womb itself is so sacred then imagine the Swayambhu which is the spontaneous creation from Mother Earth by the Divine. It is the Garbha Graha (Garbha -means “womb” and Graham -means “home”).

On this proclamation Day, Amma is giving this golden opportunity of entering the sacred Swayambhu Temple and pouring milk on the Goddess. Milk is offered since it is the highest form of purity. Taking part in the procession carrying milk pots and entering the Swayambhu Temple and pouring the milk is a journey that will reduce the bad karma.

“Amma blesses all to continue to do good deeds”.

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