Sri Narayani Dheeksha

Sri Narayani Dheeksha

With the Divine Blessings of Sri Sakthi Amma all devotees around the world who are interested in participating in the Sri Narayani Dheeksha are welcome to do so. The chanting starts on Sunday April 29th, 2018 and ends on May 8th, 2018 culminating with the 26th Anniversary of Sri Narayani Proclamation Day.





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The excitement in the air has begun with the 26th anniversary of SRI SAKTHI AMMA'S PROCLAMATION DAY and the establishment of SRI NARAYANI PEEDAM. We are celebrating 26 years of Goddess Sri Narayani incarnating on earth as Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma, the personification of Divine Wisdom and Unconditional Love. Sri Sakthi Amma, as our Divine Mother has been Nurturing, Transforming and Leading us all on this spiritual journey to become enlightened beings.

In conjunction with these 26 glorious years, Beloved Amma has blessed each and every devotee to take part in this occasion and participate in a very special Narayani Dheeksha initiation and program together. It is an initiation into Amma becoming your spiritual teacher and initiation into the Mantra. For those already connected with Amma, this Dheeksha will deepen and strengthen this connection. All are welcome to take part in this special Dheeksha — it is open to all men, women and children.

SRI NARAYANI DHEEKSHA For those who want to be at Peedam to take part in the japa/chanting should arrive for the initiation on 29th (Sunday) and should remain at Peedam until the night of May 8th.

Devotees committing to the Dheeksha Sadhana (spiritual discipline) will be required to wear a special Japa Mala, perform certain spiritual practices of mantra and Puja, and follow strict guidelines for the duration of the program until completion on May 8th.

This process needs to be done in a whole and complete manner. If you are making this commitment to do this Dheeksha, you need do it as instructed by Amma. If you can't make the commitment at this time, that is also fine; just be honest with yourself about whether you are able and willing to make this commitment exactly as it has been outlined by Amma.

All devotees have Amma’s Divine Blessings but this Mantra Sadhana is for those devotees wishing to immerse themselves into a deeper spiritual practice and personal connection with the Divine.

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