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Eye Camp Report

With the blessings of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma, on December 3rd 2005, the Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre & Sankara Nethralaya, the leading Eye Institute, jointly conducted the Eye Camp.

Guests of honour, Susan and Derek Bullen, Canadian devotees of Sri Sakthi Amma, lit the Kuthuvilakku lamp and a ceremonial prayer was conducted. Mr. N. Balaji, Director of the Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre welcomed them. Mrs. Selvi Srinivasan, the Public Relations Officer also extended a warm welcome to the honoured guests.


The Primary Goals of this Program

  1. To identify cataract patients and conduct free surgeries for the needy patients who live
    below the poverty line.
  2. To create an awareness among the people about cataracts and eye care treatment.

The following explanation of cataracts was given to further educate the attendees:

A cataract is an opacity (clouding) of the normally clear, transparent crystalline lens. It is associated with aging but can develop at any age. It may also be associated with blunt or penetrating trauma, long-term corticosteroid use, systemic disease such as diabetes mellitus, hypoparathyroidism (inadequate parathyroid hormone production), radiation exposure, exposure to bright sunlight (ultraviolet light) for long hours or other eye disorders. Vision impairment depends on the size, density and location in the lens.



The Camp was attended by 327 patients who registered for a physical examination and screening by Dr. Madhavan. Each patients’ eyes were dilated and vision tests were conducted by the Refractionist. Out of the 327 patients who were screened, 80 of them were scheduled for surgery.

As part of the awareness program, the people were educated on the structure and functions of the
eyes. They were also taught the importance of good hygiene and how to care for the eyes. Post-
operative care instructions; such as not to expose their eyes to the sunlight by wearing sunglasses; were given to those patients scheduled for surgery.

With the guidance of Dr. Madhavan and the Community Health Team, the Eye Care Camp came
to a successful close and was very appreciated by the attendees.

This function has been disabled for Sri Narayani Peedam.