Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre in Collaboration with Sankara Nethralaya

Clapping with one hand does not produce any sound. Only if two or more hands clap, bursting sound fills the air. This is true for any effort in order to bear fruits. Fortunately, two institutions with the same objective joined hands in providing Quality Eye Care to the rural community.

Sankara Nethralaya, the leading Institution in Eye Care Management and Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre joined hands in collaboration to cater to the ophthalmic needs of this rural area.

The inaugural function of Eye Department and the beginning of the partnership were held on 20.01.2006 with the blessings of our beloved Sri Sakthi Amma. At around 11.00 a.m. Arul Thiru Sakthi Amma lighted the Kuthuvilakku and blessed the Eye O.P.D., the Eye Ward and the new Ophthalmic Operation Theatre.

Welcoming the gathering, Mr. N. Balaji, the Director of Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre explained the pros and cons of this joint effort in coming to an understanding with

Sankara Nethralaya and gratefully remembering the sincerity of His Holiness Arul Thiru Sakthi Amma for allowing the partnership and the kindness of Dr. Badrinath for accepting the proposal.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Dr.Vijayaraghavan, CEO of the SITAR Co. in Bangalore, explained the necessity for collaboration in any venture by giving a few examples. He mentioned about the computer chip production industry that it is not possible for any company to take up the business all-alone, as this business involves a heavy financial commitment and the involvement of advanced technological exchanges. He was glad that Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre has joined hands with Sankara Nethralaya for a noble cause. He also invited Sri Narayani Hospital to participate in the PURA project. He also mentioned that the Honourable President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was so fascinated about the Sripuram Project of Sri Narayani Peedam that he has mentioned about this project while he was addressing a group of foreign dignitaries.

The next speaker, Dr. Badri Rickhi of Canada, in his address recalled the miraculous achievements of His Holiness by making a reference to the Hospital Plan which was ready within two days. He also mentioned that whatever Amma wishes, happens in reality. On behalf of all the foreign devotees, he expressed the solidarity with Sri Narayani Peedam.

The following is AMMA’s speech at the function.


There is a phrase in Sanskrit. ‘Narajenmam Dhurlabam’ which means Human birth is special and unique. Of all the life beings, human being is unique because only human beings can think of others and can do good deeds. The feelings such as hunger, sleep, save etc. is common to all life beings including human but to love and do good to others is possible only by human beings. One can satisfy oneself only by applying one’s skill to the maximum capacity. All other wealth cannot be fully utilized. Even if a man owns ten houses, he can sleep in only one house. He cannot sleep in all the ten houses at the same time. If a man has a lot of money, he can spend only a portion of it and the rest has to be kept at home are to be deposited in a bank. He cannot consume all the money he possesses.

Whenever you get a chance to do something good, do it immediately without delay or waiting for another time. That time may never come again because man’s mind is always changing. To illustrate this point here is a small story. A wealthy man wanted to offer Rs.20/- during a holy procession. Some people before him worshipped God and offered only Rs.10/- each. This man thought that while every other person offers only Rs.10/- why should I offer Rs.20/-. Hence he took Rs.10/- out of his hand and put it into his pocket. A little later some poor people came and offered Rs.5/- each. Thoughtfully this man withdrew Rs.5/- from his hand and put it into his pocket. Further a little while, a few beggars came and offered some coins that they had collected through begging. Now, this man thought that his contribution might not be of any significance and offered nothing. So, whenever there is a chance to do good, do it then and there.

Always think that you have all that you need and think that you are born to give. Then you will have everything in abundance so that you will be able to give to those who don’t have. The talents within you are your wealth. Make full use of your talents to help others. When Amma came to this place in Thirumalaikodi, it was a barren land filled with all kinds of wild and thorny plants. It felt impossible to walk through without footwear. But now you see the towering temples, green lawns, air-conditioned buildings, beaming lights and so on.

How was it possible that such a drastic and heartening change happened? It’s all because of the love that our Divine Mother showers on us and the faithful love reciprocated from us. Hence, serve with love. You doctors and staff of this hospital are considered to be next to God. Man turns to God only when all his efforts prove futile. If a patient comes to you, he feels that you are his final rescue. The greatest opportunity is given to you all to serve in this hospital. Use this opportunity and serve humanity with love and concern.


Amma prepares the Kuthuvilakku

Amma prepares the Kuthuvilakku


Amma lights the Kuthuvilakku Lamp


Mr N. Balaji welcomes the gathering


Hospital staff and others at the function


Dr. Dr.Vijayaraghavan addresses the gathering


Dr. Badri Rickhi addresses the gathering


Amma addresses the gathering

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