Tsunami Relief Project

narayaniTsunami Relief Project and Amma's Message

As soon as Amma received the news of the Tsunami disaster, special pujas were held at the Peedam for the departed souls. On Dec 28th, Amma launched the Tsunami Relief fund. Everyone at the peedam, guests and staff alike worked as a team to pack huge delivery trucks with thousands of sarees, bedsheets, dhotis, towels, water sachets, loaves of bread, bags of rice and medicines.



Guests/Devotees & Staff Working Together


Relief Items on it's way to Nagapatinam

Amma's Tsunami Message

Dear Friends, Amma's blessings to all of you.

The reason for natural disasters In this Yuga (age), man has become so self centreed, egocentric, materialistic and has immbibed in himself all the negative qualities of words, thoughts and deeds. Moving away from Dharma (righteousness) is like opening the door to negative forces which in turn create bad karma and bad energies. These in turn have bad or negative influences on people and society around. Adharma drives him to the extent of annoying Mother Nature who has reached the limit of pardoning him. She strikes in her own way to destroy evil and bring about righteousness.

How to prevent or stop such disasters is unconditional love. Man should create this unconditional love within himself by following the path of Dharma or righteousness. The more good deeds man does, the more joy he gains .He will be the representative of good foces and positive energies. His physical body will be suitable for recognizing and absorbing the Divine energy in himself. This will have strong influence on the people around him. They in turn will spread this to others.

Slowly, good and positive energies will spread all around and the whole society will be a changed one. Dharma and spirituality will be on the rise. As the world changes for the good it can control these disasters. If man wants to remove a thread that is wrapped he has to rewind it. In the same manner bad actions and thoughts have to be removed by good actions and good thoughts.

Once man is on the path of spirituality man will definitely think of doing only good for the world. These good thoughts have strong positive vibrations on others even if they are not aware of this. This chain of actions and reactions will definitely change the world and make it a better place.

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